Dry Faster

Nothing is worse than having your excitement for freshly cleaned carpets destroyed by your cleaning company leaving you with sopping wet swampy carpets. It gets worse when the dogs and kids run across them hours after they were cleaned leaving you with a muddy mess. We’re not into that, in fact we’re appalled at the idea of leaving carpets wet. We have the fastest dry time in the industry.

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Close your eyes and go on a journey with me… okay open them so you can keep reading but imagine this; have you ever paid attention to the rays of sunlight coming through the window? Or have you ever been bored and played with a flashlight? If you pay close attention to the ray of light, actually look into deep it you will we thousands of nasty little dirt particles floating around excited to land on your carpet and nestle in. All of that dirt and those allergens are floating through the air and your carpet is acting as an enormous filter. Or maybe you forgot to take your shoes off after using the leaky urinal at the local mall… Its never a bad time to get your carpet, rugs and upholstery cleaned.


Were not big on hype but somethings are worthy of the hype. Our water technology is out of this world, yes, NASA space technology level type hype. Believe it or try us out so you can experience out ultra pure coconut enhanced water for yourself.


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